What Vidyard pricing package is right for your B2B business?

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Published: 29 June 2021
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Vidyard is one of the best video platforms for business out there. It’s our top choice for B2B businesses, especially those in the tech sector as the more in-depth features lend themselves easily to complex products.

From a sales and marketing point of view, Vidyard videos are set up to encourage your viewers to watch your videos and then take meaningful action afterwards. While on the service and internal comms side, Vidyard offers easy communication opportunities to save valuable time across the board.

But which Vidyard pricing option is the right fit for your organisation? In our guide, we will take you through the 4 available options and find the solution that will work best for you.

Vidyard Free

The Free option allows for unlimited video creation, up to 60 minutes of recording, unlimited uploads and hosting, along with the opportunity to share videos on social media and through email.

What this option does not allow for is a high level of customisation. From a branding perspective, the paid plans give much more scope for personalisation. In terms of analytics, the free plan will notify you when someone views your video and you will be able to see video view counts.

The free plan is best suited for individuals or sole traders/freelancers from a business perspective. If you’re trying out video for the first time, then the Free plan is a great way to get a feel for video.

Due to the limitations with customisations that we’ve mentioned, the Free plan is not a good fit for an organisation that requires personalised branding or more than one user.

Vidyard Pro

The Pro option costs $15 per month and includes everything in the Free tier but also offers basic sharing page customisation, the ability to password-protect videos, intro banners, 20 video embeds and the opportunity to remove the Vidyard branding.

The Pro tier also includes more in-depth analytics than the Free option, with performance insights available on individual videos so you can see who has watched your video and how long they watched for. However, the Pro plan analytics don’t give access to the more advanced reporting features available with Vidyard.  

Pro is intended for a single user and only includes one user login. It would suit a freelancer/small business owner who is keen to expand their video efforts while keeping their branding consistent.

Vidyard for Teams

The for Teams option costs $300 per month and included everything included with the Free and Pro tiers plus a lot more. For Teams has been set up with multiple users in mind, giving users the ability to create folders to suit their organisation strategy.

For Teams gives access to the whole Analytics Dashboard which will allow you to understand which of your videos engage and convert viewers and which of your users drive the most views. The Viewer Contacts Centre, also included in for Teams, lets you dive into granular video consumption and engagement data for individual viewers. Also available are Call-to-Action analytics measure the conversion rate of your calls-to-action to gain an understanding of viewer engagement and intent.

In terms of customisation, for Teams allows you to fully customise your video-sharing pages and also includes in-video CTAs along with manual captions. Alongside the password protect feature included in Pro, for Teams also offers Access Request which requires viewers to enter their email address to request approval in order to view your video.

For Teams is set up for 3-5 users and would suit a business looking for advanced customisation options who would find the advanced analytics useful in their sales strategy. For example, being able to see in-depth analytics on viewers allows you to quickly get in touch with engaged contacts.

The main thing not on offer with for Teams is the capability to integrate your CRM.

Vidyard for Business

The for Business option costs $1,250 per month that includes all of the features we’ve already mentioned, plus the ability to integrate your CRM and various other features that we’ll run through.

If you want to include video in your workflows, sequences and email automations then CRM integration is vital. CRM integration means Vidyard will push video data back into your CRM system for lead scoring, marketing automation, ROI reporting, and more.

Along with CRM integration, for Business also comes with automatic captions, scheduled video release, fully custom CTAs and video expiry which allows you to set videos to expire so they can’t be watched after a specific date.

Alongside the analytics we’ve already discussed, for Business provides Video Analytics Reports which give you the opportunity to schedule and export reports that detail video trends, attention span, viewership, and locations.

In terms of security, as it’s designed for larger organisations, for Business comes with Team User Permissions which means you can set unique permissions and folder access for your team.

For Business is a perfect fit for organisations that are already using a CRM and need 5+ seats on the platform. It would suit a bigger team who are using video to its full advantage across their business in marketing, sales and service.

If you don’t use a CRM then for Business wouldn’t be worth it. However, if you’re serious about your marketing & sales strategy and would like to find out more about what an effective CRM can do for you then you can find out more here.

Does your organisation use HubSpot?

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog here, if you’re using HubSpot as your CRM then Vidyard is the natural choice for a very important reason. Vidyard already powers HubSpot Video for all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise users. This means if you’ve been using video within HubSpot, you’re already a Vidyard user without knowing it!

If you’re an existing HubSpot user then we can offer you a 50% discount on your Vidyard plan through our partnership.  If you'd like to discuss how Vidyard could work for your business, please get in touch with chris@enquirylab.com or 01327 368378. 

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