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Published: 21 June 2021
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There are numerous options out there for businesses that are looking to create a video strategy. Different video platforms and services have been developed with very different target audiences in mind. Some have been designed specifically for marketing, whereas others are much better suited to those in the creative space. 

Looking at things from a B2B tech business perspective, video is increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ in marketing, sales & service. This notable shift in priorities for organisations means that video platforms designed for business such as Vidyard and Wistia are rightfully taking the place of consumer-grade video hosting services such as YouTube. 

Both Vidyard and Wistia share a lot of similarities, as both have been designed with business in mind. But what are the differences between Vidyard and Wistia? We’re glad you asked! In this guide, we will explain the key differences between both and why these matter to businesses who want to take their video strategy to the next level. 

CRM Integration 

Vidyard and Wistia both offer integration with popular CRM platforms HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo while Vidyard also integrates with Salesforce and Outreach. These integrations help you to include videos where they are needed most such as in your sales prospecting emails and content follow up nurture flows. 

Are you a HubSpot user already? If so, then Vidyard is the natural choice for a very important reason. Vidyard already powers HubSpot Video for all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise users. This means if you’ve been using video within HubSpot, you’re already a Vidyard user without knowing it!

An important note within integrations is the analytics capabilities. If you’re using any of the CRM platforms already mentioned above such as HubSpot, then both platforms enable you to track which videos known contacts are watching and then use those insights as you feel appropriate within your CRM. 

Using this, you could set a video view to trigger a nurture flow or use a video interaction in your lead scoring. Notifying a member of the sales team to give a prospect a call just after they finish watching one of your videos is a fantastic way to start a conversation and give your team the head start they need to close more deals. 

Being able to utilise your video analytics in this way also allows you to accurately report on how your overall video strategy is contributing to your ongoing deals and revenue. While both platforms have strong offerings in this space, Vidyard has more integrations on offer and also makes most sense if you’re already a HubSpot user. 

Lead Generation

Being able to collect emails and information from prospects as they watch your videos is a vital part of any successful video strategy. Both platforms allow data collection from viewers but the way they do it is different.

Using Wistia, users can collect emails from within their videos using a form called a “Turnstile” which can appear at any time during the video and collects email addresses and names. The forms on Wistia can’t be fully customised, but if you’re looking for a really simple lead generation tool then they’ll certainly do the job. 

Vidyard on the other hand offers high levels of customisation. Within your videos on Vidyard, you can insert customised forms, pre-roll gates, mid-roll overlays and post-roll CTAs to interact with your views. These can be banners or full size. You can also build a “choose your own” customised experience which allows viewers to go on a self-guided tour of your products or services. 


Before we jump into the personalisation opportunities within different platforms, it’s worth highlighting why it’s so important in the first place. In a digital world that could be described as saturated with content, personalised content aims to break through the clutter. 

Tailoring content to your viewer is a simple way to get their attention and create a lasting impression with them. Some statistics on video personalisation: 

  • 4.5x increase in total/unique click-throughs –Vidyard
  • 500% higher email conversions – Vidyard
  • 35% higher retention rate than non-personalized videos –Vidyard
  • 75% of late-stage prospects that received a personalized video became closed-won deals –SalesLoft

Add these stats to the fact that videos are statistically the most engaging content asset and it’s clear to see why personalised videos are a marketing must-have

Wondering how to get started with video personalisation without having to re-record thousands of videos? Vidyard is currently the only video platform that offers automated video personalisation. With this feature, you can pull the viewer’s name, company name and other available information into the video itself/the thumbnail image. 

100% video personalisation where you specifically record a video for one person makes sense for very targeted ABM campaigns. However, for more general campaigns where you have a bigger available audience, personalising existing videos dynamically based upon the recipient is a huge timesaver. 

Within the video, you can select the elements you’d like to personalise. Adding a flat surface such as a paper pad to your video works really well as you can easily add text such as the recipient’s name. Other ideas include adding a company logo to a sign or building or including the viewer’s headshot on a CV - the only limit is your imagination! 

The most common use cases for personalisation are:

  • Adding names to tags, lists, and paperwork
  • Inserting pictures into frames and headshots
  • Adding logos to buildings, vehicles, objects, and clothing
  • Switching out products
  • Switching out entire scenes

Through your CRM integration, Vidyard can insert basically any information you’ve collected about your contact or company account. You can then send your personalised videos at scale via workflows, email campaigns or actions on your website. 

Get started with video 

As video service experts, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at different offerings and comparing platforms. Based on the 3 features we’ve highlighted in this guide (and many others!) Vidyard is our top choice for B2B businesses, especially those in the tech sector as the more in-depth features lend themselves easily to complex products. 

From a sales and marketing point of view, Vidyard videos are set up to encourage your viewers to watch your videos and then take meaningful action afterwards. While on the service and internal comms side, Vidyard offers easy communication opportunities to save valuable time across the board.

If you'd like to discuss how video could work for your business, please get in touch with or 01327 368378.

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