Webinar: How to get started with ABM

Author: Chris Bayliss Author Chris Bayliss
Published: 21 June 2022
1 Minute Read

The number one and two reasons for pipeline slippage are too few relationships and low strength of relationships which is why account-based marketing (ABM) is the number one marketing strategy for B2B organisations with long sales cycles. In this webinar, we will show you how to get started with ABM in your organisation.

This webinar covers the fundamentals of ABM and includes:

Picking the right type of ABM
How to ensure organisational buy-in
Marketing and sales alignment
Setting objectives and targets
Building a target list
Use cases

By the end of the webinar, you will have the knowledge to start your own ABM pilot or gain some tips on how to improve what you're already doing.

Why should you consider Account-Based Marketing?

  • 91% of companies using ABM increase their average deal size, with 25% reporting an increase of +50% (SiriusDecisions)
  • 208% increase in revenue witnessed by companies using ABM (MarketingProfs)
  • 60% of companies report at least a 10% increase in revenue in year one of their ABM programme (Demandbase)
  • 70% increase in the number of opportunities created via ABM (Gartner)
  • 82% of B2B marketers said ABM greatly improves sales and marketing alignment (LinkedIn)
  • 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account-based marketing as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach (ITSMA)

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