Selling is easy with Tasks Home from HubSpot

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Published: 5 March 2021
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Many of the tools designed to make your CRM easier and less time consuming can often seem to end up doing the opposite.

This view is supported by recent HubSpot research that revealed 50% of sales managers believe their CRM is not easy to use. Instead of allowing their reps to focus all their efforts on generating sales, they end up spending too much time navigating around all the different software they need to do their jobs.

Life before Tasks Home

A lack of collaboration between the different tools they use leaves them scrambling around between inboxes, calendars, spreadsheets, notebooks, and their CRM software. Each click, page load, and tab switch take time away from selling and recording invaluable insights for future use. It’s not just the reps’ commission levels that suffer, all-important customer relationships end up being compromised too.

Everything sales reps need at their fingertips

The new Tasks Home app in HubSpot is designed to put an end to all that.

In a nutshell, it’s a handy one-stop dashboard that’s designed to make life easier and more profitable. With this simple tool, every sales rep has access to their own personalised command centre which brings together everything they need to sell more effectively.

With their tasks, meetings, engagements and CRM details all in one place, your sales team can focus on charming prospects with the right communication at the right time during every stage of the sales cycle. That’s why this organising tool gets a big thumbs-up from us here at the EnquiryLab.

Tasks Home in action

Ready to see how easy Tasks Home can make life? If you are a HubSpot user, navigate to ‘Sales,’ and then ‘Tasks.’ where the rep has access to the ‘to-do’ sales activities created by themselves, their sales manager, HubSpot automation (like Workflows and Sequences), and HubSpot’s AI.

Here are the five biggest benefits we believe most sales reps will appreciate as soon as they start using Tasks Home:

Improved organisation

Within the Tasks app, reps have a number of ways to prioritise and organise their activities. HubSpot provides standardised activity views but also offers reps the opportunity to customise their activity views by task type, priority, and prior engagement.

Create task queues

‘Today’ view enables reps to sell more efficiently by lining up their daily tasks in a neatly prioritised ‘to do’ list. From within the task queues, reps can call and email prospects or carry out social touches on LinkedIn, all without ever leaving HubSpot. Better still, every view can be turned into a queue by simply clicking the “Start Tasks” button.


Sales reps who integrate their Google Suite or Office 365 will be able to see their calendars embedded in the Tasks app. This makes it easy to do a little homework on prospects before an upcoming appointment and launch directly into meetings without ever leaving HubSpot. 

Handy live feed

A popular activity feed is also included, giving reps the heads-up on prospects who open their emails, visit web pages, or view sales collateral. They can then reach out directly from there to follow up on situations that show particular promise. 

Embedded reporting

Embedded reporting allows reps to easily track their activity and pipeline progress to help them stay focused on progress through the day.

Those were our top 5 reasons to engage with Tasks Home, but there’s plenty more to discover and each of your reps will find different ways it can add efficiencies to their working day. That’s why we’d recommend checking out the short demo you’ll find on this page.

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