The CRM triggers that can power hyper-personalised communications

Author: Christina Author Christina
Published: 10 May 2022
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Your CRM is packed with useful demographic data that you can use to personalise your communications but using activity and engagement data to send out timely messaging could be the difference between a personal email and hyper-personalised messaging.

Triggers for timely communication

  • Use page tracking to provide individual recommendations

By knowing which pages a contact has visited you will be able to offer specific recommendations to contacts that are tailored to their needs. Think of this like remarketing for emails.

  • Use deal stages to trigger custom bots on pages to help drive sales

Use deal stages to trigger a bot to appear to prospects who are in a specific deal stage. Having a bot that is tailored to the stages of the buyer's journey you can answer questions that buyers need at the right time.

  • Use known dates to trigger personal messaging

Send out a birthday email, anniversary mail or even a mail about a customer's renewal date. These timely messages will help you engage with prospects and customers using the information you have gathered.

  • Use workflows to delay actions until a contact responds/performs an action

In workflows, you can delay actions until a contact has completed an action, like visiting a web page or completing a form. The advantage of this is that you can wait till a buyer is engaged with you before you send them an email. This will allow you to align with buyers in real-time. 

Turn your entire CRM into a marketing machine by sending out the right message to the right people at the right time.

Applying any or all of these ideas will undoubtedly drive more revenue through your business in a sustainable, cost-effective way. By using the simple but powerful and effective toolset from HubSpot you can build deeply personal and contextual campaigns at scale.

Whether you’re looking for CRM powered marketing campaign support or would like to know more about HubSpot and how it can sync with your existing systems, get in touch with Chris.


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