5 key features every top-performing lead generation website boasts

Author: Chris Bayliss Author Chris Bayliss
Published: 9 August 2018
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So, your website is a fabulous shop window, featuring your logo, corporate colour scheme, information about your products or services and provides contact information and a few blogs. So why isn’t it converting visitors into sales leads?

Here are the five things every website that’s a well-oiled machine, churning out leads that keep the sales team busy has in common.

  1. They have contact forms and the most engaging content on the pages that get the most visitor traffic
    If you can use an analytics tool to work out where people are landing on your website, this will not only help you to carry out a useful audit of what is driving visitors there in the first place (email marketing, blogs, social media, search engines), but which webpages are the most popular. This brings two key benefits for lead optimisation – firstly, you can place content that has a natural flow from that which brought people there in the first place on these pages and secondly, you can place contact forms and downloads on these popular pages. Your aim is to keep them on the website as long as possible, by serving them information that has a natural flow from the content that got them there in the first place and to capture their contact information, so you can speak to them in the future. If you want to take this up a notch, then utilise a heat mapping tool to understand where on each page your visitors look and place content and calls to action accordingly.
  2. They have scaled up every stage of the lead generation process
    Make sure that your website makes sense from the point of the visitor. If they are interested in your blog regarding ‘The 7 biggest pain points in cloud software deployment’ then make sure there is a relevant e-book or webinar that goes into more detail for them to download to find out more about that topic and crucially asks them to part with their contact data to obtain it. Ensure there are calls to action (CTAs) on every page, bespoke landing pages and thank you emails when people do enter their details. These thank you emails, also known as ‘kickback’ emails, are incredibly powerful – they can demonstrate up to twice as much engagement as a standard marketing emails in terms of click through rates.
  3. They include personalised content and CTAs
    There are some powerful marketing tools out there, and they offer incredible levels of personalisation for websites. Each unique website visitor can be served a bespoke experience based on their previous interactions with your website, their interests and what they may have purchased from you before, with different buttons, images and content appearing for them. Websites with personalised CTAs convert 42% more traffic than those without, so while personalisation may take some effort and investment, it will pay off.
  4. They offer content and e-books that educate and take the visitor further down the pipeline to become prospect and then customer
    In order to truly generate good quality sales leads you need to have educated the website visitor on what you do and why it is important to them as individuals. This can be through a combination of blog posts, e-books, videos, images, and long and short format webinars. Make sure you create content that is designed to take website visitors from simply browsing your website to wanting to discover as much as possible about what you do and how you do it. Your aim is to help them get to know your brand, without forcing your branding down their throat. Crucially, make sure you are capturing this information and modifying their journeys accordingly.
  5. They have a solid lead nurture framework in place
    Even if the website itself is working hard and you have implemented everything on this list so far, if you don’t nurture the leads that come in, you will miss out on sales. It sounds simple, but ensuring that follow-up emails are personalised, timely and filled with content that leads prospects closer to becoming a customer will reap rewards. After all, only 25% of leads are sales-ready, the remaining 75% will need nurturing and educating in order to convert. In fact, considered B2B purchasers can take 123 days from first touch of your website to interacting with your sales team, that’s four months. What you do for those four months is often the difference between selling and not selling.
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