Why you should use video in your ABM strategy

Author: Alanah Author Alanah
Published: 13 September 2021
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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) changes the way we think about marketing and attracting leads. When implemented correctly, ABM leads to higher response rates, quicker sales cycles, and higher average sales values.  

To run a successful ABM strategy, personalisation is key. According to CEB, customers who felt that content was tailored to their individual needs were 40% more willing to buy from that particular vendor. 

And what better way to introduce personalisation to your ABM strategy than by using video? Video offers the perfect way to personalise your campaign as it’s highly engaging, easy to use and can be utilised at every stage of the customer journey.

Read below to find out our top 3 reasons to include video in your ABM strategy. 

It’s what your prospects want to see

People love videos. In fact, they like it more than any other kind of content. Extensive research has shown that your prospects are more likely to click on an email that contains a video than a traditional text-based email. 

Showing your prospect what they want to see is always important, but especially in ABM campaigns. Because ABM campaigns often mean cold outreach, you only get one chance to make a good impression. If your prospect doesn’t open or doesn’t enjoy your initial outreach, your chances of turning them into a buying customer are already slim to none. 

Personalise your video to stand an even greater chance of making a good first impression. Personalised video thumbnails work wonders in even the most over-saturated inbox, and garner higher response rates.

Data, Data, Data 

Successful ABM strategies start and end with data. Marketing and sales need to be perfectly aligned in order to identify the correct accounts to pursue, and indeed, how to pursue them. This is no small feat and certainly isn’t possible without accurate, up-to-date data on your prospects and current customers. 

The data that video can provide you is unlike any other. With text-based content, you can never be quite sure of what your prospect is doing. They’ve downloaded your eBook – but did they actually read it? Did they read the first page then give up because it wasn’t of interest to them? 

With video, you can see if your prospects watched the whole way through or if they skipped. You can also see if they’ve watched your video multiple times. If this is the case – alert the sales team! 

This level of data makes for significantly more accurate lead scoring. Prospects who watched your video twice should be followed up very differently to a prospect who watched the first few seconds of your video then stopped. 

Video viewing data doesn’t just inform you on which prospects to start a conversation with. It can also help you with what that conversation should be about. If you can see that a prospect re-watched a section about a certain feature, then that’s exactly what you want to talk to them about. 

The data gathered from your videos should be fed directly into your CRM system for lead segmentation and scoring. Once the data is in your CRM, you can set up automations to ensure that the correct sales tasks are being followed depending on the prospect’s viewing habits. 

Helps you make a connection quicker through personalisation 

ABM is all about personalisation and forging personal connections. Building rapport and a sense of personality through text-based copy is something that even the most talented of writers find challenging. 

With video, what you’re saying is just one part of the picture. Posture, smiles and trust-building nonverbal behaviour helps build a positive sense of your company with your prospects. 

Prospects who receive personalised videos are more likely to open and watch them. Furthermore, a recent study shows that late-stage prospects that receive personalised videos are 75% more likely to become closed-won deals. 

You can replace a lot of your generic prospect emails with videos. Here are some suggestions for videos:

  • Personalised initial outreach introduction 
  • Custom product demos 
  • Sales call follow-ups 
  • Content download follow-ups 
  • Sales quotes/proposals 

If you’re using a video platform such as Vidyard, personalisation is easy. Within the video, you can select the elements you’d like to personalise. Adding a flat surface such as a paper pad to your video works really well as you can easily add text such as the recipient’s name. Other ideas include adding a company logo to a sign or building or including the viewer’s headshot on a CV - the only limit is your imagination! 

The most common use cases for personalisation are:

  • Adding names to tags, lists, and paperwork
  • Inserting pictures into frames and headshots
  • Adding logos to buildings, vehicles, objects, and clothing
  • Switching out products
  • Switching out entire scenes

Through your CRM integration, Vidyard can insert basically any information you’ve collected about your contact or company account. You can then send your personalised video via workflows, email campaigns or actions on your website. 

Get started with video & ABM

Here at EnquiryLab, we can help with both your ABM and video needs. If you'd like to discuss your business requirements in more detail, please get in touch with chris@enquirylab.com or 01327 368378.

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